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Factory Unlock Is The Best Way To Unlock iPhone 4

Apple locks all its iPhone 4 devices when offering them through a network carrier. This means, you cannot use any other network carrier on the device unless you unlock iPhone 4. The unlocking process allows you to change your network carrier to any other network you may wish. Developers first came up with a way of unlocking your iPhone in the year 2007 and since then these methods have evolved as Apple continues to release new iPhone gadgets and update its firmware. However, since Apple does not approve of these methods, it moves quickly to counter them. Now the cheapest and main way to factory unlock your device is to contact a credible unlock solution provider.

How factory unlock is different from other software and hardware unlock methods

Software tools to unlock iPhone 4 are great because they enable you to do the process quickly and by yourself. Nevertheless, the problem is that when you upgrade to the new firmware, the device becomes hard-locked once again. This takes back your phone to its original restricted state canceling out all your hard work. You have to begin the process once again.

Various methods are available to unlock your iPhone 4 through the hardware. These are hacks, which trick your device to make calls via different routes. Using this method means that you will never be able to upgrade to the new firmware since it sits at the back of your device and may even become stuck.This is a terrible problem, which Apple cannot fix since they clearly state that once you unlock your iPhone you void your warranty.

Factory unlock is very different from the two approaches. Experts use credible methods to unlock iPhone 4 in such a way that you can be able to enjoy all the same benefits that individuals who buy the unlocked version from Apple enjoy. The experts are authorized by Apple to unlock your device legitimately hence; you are able to keep your warranty intact. Using this method to unlock your device is far much cheaper than purchasing the unlocked version directly from Apple.

Benefits of factory unlocking your iPhone

‘ You will unlock your device permanently, which means you do not have to go through the process each time you upgrade to a new firmware

‘ You avoid a lengthy and complex process that may go wrong since all you need is to give the authorized experts your IMEI number and the process will be complete within 24 hours

‘ The process works for all models of iPhone regardless of the boot loader, baseband or the firmware version you are using

‘ Once the process is complete, every feature will be working perfectly on your device, unlike in other methods where you can damage certain functions of your phone
‘ The factory unlock will also allow you to use any SIM card from any network carrier around the globe thus you do not have to worry when you travel abroad
‘ You increase the resale value by since you have unlocked the device legitimately

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