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Locked Versus Unlock iPhone – Which Ones Wins The War

No doubt, Apple is among the unlock iphone 6 leading manufacturers and creators of amazing communication gadgets. Nevertheless, the company seems to think that consumers are willing and able to pay for hundreds of dollars for iPhone 4, one of its newest creations. This is the price you have to pay for freedom and flexibility of an unlocked iPhone. ‘Unlocked iPhone’ means, you are free to use it with any network carrier, and however you want. For those who cannot afford these device off the shelf, Apple partners with various network carriers to offer it at a subsidize rate. This means, your phoned will be locked to the network carrier you bought it from.

The pros and cons of buying unlocked iPhone

Before you make the decision about buying an unlocked phone from Apple, you need to be aware of the advantages as well as the disadvantages so that you can decide for yourself whether it is worth it. It is vital to make an informed decision.


Purchasing an unlocked iPhone from Apple will allow you to use any network carrier of your choice without unlocking iPhone. You will not have to go through the lengthy and often risky process of jailbreaking and unlocking the device. Being able to use any network carrier means you are not restricted to one network and can be able to get better deals. You will also enjoy the full benefits of the Apple warranty.


First, the unlocked version directly from Apple is too expensive for the average consumer. For instance, the iPhone was going for as much as $749 the 32GB model. This is almost what most people make in a month. Paying that price for the unlocked in the opinion of most people is simply not worth it. Besides, after paying all that cash, iPhone will still release another model the following year and charge an even higher price.

The benefits and cons of locked iPhones

Purchasing a locked phone does not mean you have to stay with one network forever. With a few tools, you can be able to unlock your device and begin enjoying numerous benefits.


Buying a locked iPhone is far much cheaper since the network carrier subsidizes the price. Once you have bought the device, you can be able to unlock your iPhone through the jailbreaking process using a software tool. Once unlocked, you can change your network carrier and begin enjoying lower rates. You will also be able to download third party apps from other app stores, which will improve your user experience greatly. You will have access to more features some that even Apple says are not possible.


If you choose to unlock the iPhone mobile device, you will automatically void your Apple warranty since they do not sanction the method. You cannot take device for free repair in case anything goes wrong during or after the process. If you do not do the process correctly, you may brick your device and render it useless.

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