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Making It Real – Simple Steps Employed To Unlock iPhone 6.1

You can unlock your iPhone 6.1 using various kinds of methods. This article takes you through some of the techniques you can use to perform this job. Well, there are those people who try jail breaking and proceed on to unlock their devices by using methods brought up by a group of hackers known as the Evad3rs.

As you unlock iPhone 6.1, you will realize that this will successfully enable you to communicate to anyone across the world using any type of SIM card of your choice, without any fear of your device being locked. This method uses the idea of the SAM tool. The steps are straightforward and provide you with clear ways on how to proceed.

This tool works best with iPhone devices that run iOS6.1.There are also facts to consider before unlocking your iPhone 6.1 using this tool. They include the following:

‘ You ought to jailbreak the iPhone that runs iOS6.1 firmware using the evasion program. This tool does its job well regardless of the kind of baseband available.

‘ Unlock the iphone6.1 via IMEI code that works with all iPhone devices, various kinds of firmware and basebands.

‘ Get yourself a cookie and step up its SAM activation tickets used to unlock the iphone6.1. It is assumed, that you must have saved the tickets some time back. Failure to which, it may not be possible to use this method.

‘ The SIM card that you had earlier on used in backing up the activation tickets should be available.

Unlocking the iPhone 6.1 using the SAM and the Cydia

Here, you are required to launch the Cydia. Also, look for SAM and download it. Then get to stock and revert Lockdown. This method bases its facts on replacing lockdown folders on to the next location. After replacing the folder, reboot your apple. Install SAM and get to the disable button. Reboot your gadget once more to observe what happens. Some bars will appear. You will have successfully done what we describe as unlock iPhone6.1.
Steps on how to unlock iphone6.1 without the use of activation tickets

It should not be a surprise that you can unlock your device without the tickets. It is quite possible. If you are bored of using a single SIM card now and then, this method can still be of good help to you as long as your tickets are present and you perform the required steps systematically. Get to know that the validity of those activation tickets is for only a short period.

To avoid all these problems, the factory unlock iPhone 6.1 method can be reliable. This method permanently unlocks the device. This is the official method of unlocking your device without following any steps. What you do is to get the SIM card into the device and you are ready to go on with enjoying your iPhone.


To avoid any inconveniences brought about by the SAM and get yourself a factory unlocks method, activate your gadget with its carrier locked SIM card.

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